Pediatric Care

We believe that it is easier to build healthy kids than fix broken adults  

Brain development is the most active during the first two years of life.  Interference to this development of a child’s nervous system during this period may have lasting permanent effects on the child’s developmental potential.  

Additionally, one-third of a person’s nervous system is protected by the skull and its cranial bones.  The brain is encased in the cranial bones and their rhythm and proper movement is imperative for neural development.  Improper movement of the cranial structures can impact feeding or nursing, sleep, and the regulation of the digestive and nervous systems. 

Birth trauma and in utero constraint can be responsible for creating dural tension in the infant’s spine and cranium.  Assisted deliveries including ceserean sections, forceps, vacuum extractions, and induction procedures increase the chance of neurological damage to the infant’s spine and nervous system.  

Regular chiropractic care through infancy and childhood have been shown to:

Improve: Sleep, focus, behavior, and bowel function 

Decrease: Allergies and asthma, colic and reflux, ear infections, and anxiety